1. Recent Mu research laboratory survey found that 77% of Mormon (a member of the Church of the Latter-day Saints Church of Jesus) went to church at least once a week, and that it is worth more worthwhile for the whole United States It is compared with 39% of.

    car wash

    Mormon than to wash on Sabbath (Sunday). . .

Sacrament meeting

I choose to go to church.

2. In
 addition to doing the work of the world, Mormon not only has to serve more than any other group, in Mormonism there is no paid pastor, so Mormon of the common person is doing anything about the church. What is your vacation? Mormon still has time to enjoy, but on Sundays they will not entertain themselves in worship, service, rest, and peace with their families and can not remember God.

I go to bed in front of the TV

Mormon is watching the TV on the Sabbath. . .

Teach at church on Sunday

I choose to teach and serve in the church.

Is the preaching of the church boring? It is difficult to snooze. Especially if you have to tell stories! In Mormonism, amateur members also preach and teach. It begins at a young age. If you do not talk, your kids may be doing it. . . . .

I go to bed at church.

Mormon is not to sleep in church. . .

Talk at Mormon Church

It is not quite right. Because I and my family talk.


  1. Do you work on the Sabbath? If Mormon seriously follows Christ, it is not uncommon for Mormon to see a small miracle that their employers often compromise and make them take holidays on the Sabbath. Mormon is trying to rest as much as possible on Sunday so as not to shop or recreate.
Shops without holidays

Mormon is better than working on the Sabbath. . .

Sunday Holiday

I will take a day off to spend holy.


  1. The Jesus Christ Church is led by living prophets, and he receives revelation directly from God. Christ is the head of the church. Doctrine never changes, but the policy may change when the Lord is ordered. There are people who always want religion to adapt to their circumstances at any time, but this church has always been aligned with God’s will as it is given through living prophets.

Selfish and selfish, not selfish,

Follow the Prophet

I will obey the prophets. Because the prophet knows the way.

6. The
organized religion provides community, support, form of worship, research, obedience and service, which increases knowledge about God, increases spiritual connection with God, The influence will expand and it will go forever. And what about the service spreading on all sides of the earth? Is it obligatory? No.

Mormon's missionary

Mormon in every part of the world

Mormon's missionary

I will serve and teach.



God gives us instructions as blessed for happiness, security and security for us, as a commandment. If we keep a little, we will be more blessed! In modern times, secular tendencies are intensifying and religion tends to accept any act, but people are losing a great blessing from preserving God’s commandments. One of God’s commandments is to worship on the Sabbath.

The Ten Commandments of Moses

Mormon does not change his commandments,

Mormon's Church

We will also faithfully observe the Sabbath.

8. The
Church of the Latter-day Saints Jesus Christ provides the most convincing message on the earth. In other words, Jesus died for our sins and resurrected. By the Atonement of the Lord, we repent, we can return to the loved ones and the Father of Heaven and live forever. The church which was established when Christ did the work on the earth was fully restored through the messengers from the sky. Heaven opened, revelation was given stagnant, miracles happened every day, every charismatic gift was restored. Today, the divine priesthood on this earth is granted all the keys and authorities that the ancient twelve apostles possessed.

Resurrected Jesus Christ

Recovery of the Gospel of Mormon

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